Dating a person with depression harris poll online dating

The negatives infiltrate the person's mind while they weed out the positives.Depressed people view themselves, their relationships, and the world through a lens that is bleak, discouraging and hopeless. Here are some specific ways that depression is affecting your relationship: What often follows is marital conflict and a sense of disconnect. Depression feels grey, like you're under a huge dark cloud and heavy, like you are walking around carrying heavy weights.It also brings negative thoughts about yourself, about others, and about your future.

If you've been feeling the dark cloud and thinking with the cognitive triad, you're probably not just moody or sad.

You may begin to feel resentful, perceiving that you must take on the lion's share of the household responsibilities, and become frustrated that depression is occupying so much space in the marriage.

You may begin to feel lonely, missing the company of your partner and wanting things in your relationship to go back to the way they were.

Knowing how to deal with your spouse's depression may just save your marriage.

There's no question that depression is a beast — both for the person suffering from it, and for spouses and partners.