Dating customs from portugal

At that time, Portugal granted independence to its African colonies.

Here in America and in most of Canada, we have funeral traditions that have stood the test of time for decades, even centuries.

In 1974 a left-wing military coup initiated a set of democratic reforms.The country covers an area of 92,072 square km and is divided into 308 municipalities, which are further subdivided into more than 4,000 parishes.The population of Portugal is 10.562.178 million according to the 2011 Census conducted by the National Institute of Statistics.The capital is Lisboa (Lisbon) and the official language is Portuguese. There are small numbers of Protestants, Hindus, Jews and Muslims but the number of Evangelic Christians is currently rising due to the large numbers of Brazilians and their descendants who emigrated to Portugal in the early 2000’s.Portugal is in the GTM zone and during March to October Daylight Saving Time (UTC 1 hour) is in operation.