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“I am very grateful about the part that everyone took in Rosewood’s journey, because everyone was truly an integral part; the writers who crafted great story-lines, the actors who brought these stories to life, the production crew who sustained the show’s infrastructure, and the terrific fans who embraced this phenomenon and became just as much a part of Rosewood as anyone else,” Chestnut wrote on his Instagram page. Today I say goodbye to my very first show, Rosewood,” Ortiz wrote on Instagram. The beautiful Morris Chestnut, and when I say beautiful, I mean his HEART, his SOUL.

He is the most selfless person I think I’ve ever met.” Read both of their posts in full below. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., the most brilliant private pathologist in Miami uses his highly sophisticated autopsy lab to perform for-hire autopsies to uncover clues that the Miami PD can’t see.

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The 2016 NFL season will be the 23rd season of professional football on Fox, the network that will also be the home of Super Bowl LI come February in Houston. Announcers Weeks 5-17 are flex weeks Buccaneers vs.

Brenda Buttner, a senior business correspondent and host of “Bulls & Bears” on Fox News, has died of cancer. Her Fox News colleague Neil Cavuto made the announcement in an emotional tribute on his program Monday.You can wander through the art gallery, take in a show in the black box theater, or host your own event.If you’re visiting in the daytime, try out a yoga class, enjoy a smoothie at Art-drenaline Cafe, or wander through the Den, where you’ll see local artists’ wares on display.Whether you’re new to the city or looking for a new place in an unfamiliar neighborhood, there’s something for everybody on the DC dating scene.Swanky cocktails in intimate lounges, a game of darts over a few beers, a literary reading and coffee, even adopting a cat together -- they’re all here, and then some, in our picks for the best date spots in almost every neighborhood in the city.