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Your age, fitness level and BMI (body mass index) are matched with the others.

A plan is developed to best help you achieve your individual fitness goals.

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He says family support has pushed him and helped him to succeed when so many things outside his home are working against him, such as crime."My school is basically five minutes away...

The Experience Guatemala tour, from the perspective of locals, shows Guatemala for both its beauty and its struggles: The city of Antigua is an easy 30-45 minutes by bus or private shuttle from the capital of Guatemala City, where most international flights land.

In Antigua, It’s easy to follow the basic grid system of the center and it’s easy to explore on foot as everything is within a 10-15 minute walk.

Motorcycle taxis (‘tuk-tuks’) and regular taxis are also available and can be found at the city center or in front of most churches.

Traveling out of Antigua and into the capital city is also easy with taxis, shuttles, and “chicken buses” available at most hours of the day.