New xbox experience not updating

Xbox One owners who have the Instant-on power mode enabled won't have to do anything, as the console will automatically download the update when it becomes available.

People using the Energy-saving mode, however, will need to go to Settings -- System to check if the update is available.

Note that all Xbox One consoles will receive a prompt for a mandatory update on November 23. Depending on the time zone you are in, as well your Xbox One console settings, you may get the New Xbox One Experience at a different time than your friends.

Regardless of when you receive the New Xbox One Experience system update, the Xbox One Backward Compatibility feature will begin rolling out starting at pm/ PM (noon) PT on November 12.

As we prepare for Thursday’s launch of the New Xbox One Experience, I want to share some details on what to expect and when.

From June 2014 onwards, entertainment apps no longer required the user to be signed into a valid Xbox Live Gold account in order to use the features advertised for the given app.Other problems include missing tiles (go to Home, highlight My games & apps in the big tile, press the Menu button on your controller, and select Quit.Then relaunch My games & apps), broken voice commands (you can usually resolve this issue by rebooting the console), and repeated prompts to fill in your password (you'll need to de- and then re-link your console).If it still doesn't load after 15 minutes have passed, you need to hold down the power button for ten seconds, and wait for the machine to power down.Leave it at least 15 seconds, then turn it back on again.