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Unfortunately for the boy, the teen's adoptive parents, who knew nothing about Sword's sexual motives, allowed the son they had raised to stay with his biological mother.According to the paper, no one knew about the abuse until the teenage boy reported the incidents to a counselor. We stand there in silence for a few moments, tasting the remnants of each other on our lips. His hands are bigger than I am used to and his taste is metallic with a hint of sweetness that is unfamiliar to me. I was conflicted by my past and present lives overlapping and interweaving with one another. I want to kiss the oval dip between his shoulder and collarbone. And so began the surreal experience of grappling with both men at the same time. Yet on the other hand, I was dazzled by the newness of the sensations and found myself always wanting more.

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Let’s just say, I discovered the cure for all of those headaches. I’d heard that word – disgust – come out of another man’s mouth not so long ago. I am an independent woman and I can sleep with whomever I like, and the fact that he thinks he is entitled to comment on the matter highlights a sickness within our society.

Sword, from the Detroit area, has pleaded guilty to having sex with the biological son she gave up for adoption as an infant.

The Waterford Township mother apologized at her sentencing Monday in Oakland County Circuit Court after pleading guilty to one count of first-degree criminal conduct.

The footage includes Diana speaking about her sex life with Charles. I don’t know there was no requirement for it from his case," Diana says.

"Sort of once every three weeks." "And then I followed a pattern, he used to see his lady once every three weeks before we got married," she said.