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He was granted bail under the condition report daily to police between 6am and 10pm.

He is also not permitted to go within 100 metres of the alleged victim as part of an interim apprehended violence order and can only contact her through a lawyer.

She was likewise once romantically linked with American broadcaster Keith Olbermann.

Caption: Laura Ingraham was previously engaged to Indian American political commentator Dinesh D’Souza.

We must say she is a real superhero who has been able to balance both her personal and professional life despite many ups and downs.

She was previously engaged to Dinesh D' Souza, an Indian-American political commentator.

Despite experiencing brittle relationships, she has proved herself as a strong mother with lots of love for her children.

She is happily living with her children; Maria Caroline, Michael Dmitri, and Nikolai Peter. Indeed, Laura Ingraham remains unmarried fending off any issues of husband or divorce.

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Don't get me wrong: I consider Dinesh to be wasting his time and brain power believing and proselytising things that are objectively untrue. The instigator of this firestorm is one Tony Beam, one of the organizers of the evangelical conference at which Dinesh delivered the keynote, who made clear, "I did not see them go into a room together; I did not see them coming out of a room together," but became "suspicious" when he did not personally witness Dinesh's fiancee, Denise Joseph, check into a separate room. Dinesh has stated that he did not, in fact, share a room with Joseph.

But this new fiancee-mistress "scandal" in which he has become embroiled is the embodiment of both the proverbial storm in a tea-cup and the abuse of religious power over even high-profile individuals. It seems that a conference organiser suspected Dinesh of (gasp! He has been separated from his wife for two years, apparently at her behest, and the divorce is progressing. Even in the account printed by , wherein Dinesh admitted to sharing a room, nobody claimed or admitted to anything resembling an affair.