Validating dropdown list selection in asp c sharp thisisnorthscotland co ukdating

Before we implement full checkbox list functionality we need some preparations.

My solution is not ideally generic and it has some requirements to avoid complex logic that involves reflection and smart code-level decisions.

A nugget that has remained partially hidden from view within the Web Pages framework is the Html Helper class.

Figure 2 shows Properties window where I set Back Color to green and Grip Style to Visible.I don’t go deeper here as anyway you see later why we made this step.Whatever you use in your MVC application – domain classes or mapped models – we need something static where we can link extension methods we will write at later steps.There is also a helper for the HTML Label element, which associates descriptive text to a form control and can provide usability improvements in certain cases.Each helper method provides a shorthand way to render valid HTML for the specific control.

Validating dropdown list selection in asp c sharp